Mastering Responsive Typography

Mastering Responsive Typography consists of 17 core lessons. These lessons are broken into three modules: 

 Module 1: Web Typography Best Practices 

  • The four essential properties of web typography 
  • How to typeset your body text 
  • How to determine your header sizes 
  • How to create an irresistible flow 
  • How to eliminate contradictions when using Modular Scale and Vertical Rhythm together 

Module 2: Design Principles in Typography  

  • The principle of repetition 
  • The principle of contrast 
  • The principle of alignment 
  • The principle of proximity 
  • How to integrate all four design principles   

Module 3: Responsive Typography Practices  

  • How to use different font-sizes for different Devices 
  • How to use relative units 
  • How to choose relative units 
  • How to crafting a responsive modular scale 
  • How to automating modular scale calculations 
  • How to deal with Vertical Rhythm in responsive design 
  • Putting everything you’ve learned together

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Before I read Mastering Responsive Typography, I thought I had to get everything right for the first time, just like print typography. But now, I realized it's okay to experiment, make mistakes and improve my skills without the anxiety of getting things wrong. 
I loved that Mastering Responsive Typography gathered scattered information I read on web typography on many sources. It covers both technical and design fundamentals, which is especially useful for non-designers. It is also well written, easy to go through, and helps you get to a level where you're comfortable to expand your knowledge on your own

Aris Karatarakis
Product Manager